This forcible humping of a Mercedes and Neon resulted when a woman was trying to perform a three-point turn. Looks to us like the Mercedes was trying to pull off the coveted Eiffel Tower instead.

A woman in the UK decided instead of gently pressing the brake pedal, she jammed down on the accelerator while attempting a three-point turn, causing her Mercedes to mount the front end of a little Neon. The owner of the car was awoken by a loud crashing sound and rushed out to make sure that the driver was okay. It turned out it was his neighbor's wife, so they all had a laugh over some tea and crumpets - all so British, wouldn't you say?


All involved did not feel so jolly as the house was reported saying that it was not happy with the unexpected mounting and therefore would not complete the necessary steps to complete the Eiffel Tower maneuver. The Neon was heard mumbling "Hi!" Another steamy shot of the car-on-car duo below.

We're big fans of crazy drivers and we've provided another great attempt at parking below.

[via, YouTube]

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