Mercedes Might Sell This RWD Luxury Minivan In America

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This is the Mercedes Viano. It's based on the Mercedes Vito, a smaller version of the popular Sprinter van. It may be coming to a soccer field near you if Mercedes has its way.

A few months ago I spoke to a top Mercedes-Benz exec and he hinted that they might be bringing versions of the Vito to the U.S. Looks like those plans have come to fruition, as Automotive News reports that Mercedes dealers have been clued in on plans to sell not only a commercial application, but a super-deluxe luxobarge minivan, too.

Everybody wants to hate minivans but let's face the fact that they're not going away anytime soon. Kia has also announced its next-generation Sedona and we already know Chrysler has big plans for its next-generation Caravan. Or Town & Country. They won't tell us which one.


What makes the Viano — it'll be the V-Class in the U.S. — different is that it's rear-wheel-drive. Every other minivan out there now is front-wheel-drive. So it'll be more fun for you, assuming all the other specs line up right.

Now will there be an AMG version?

[Photo via Mercedes-Benz UK]

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