Mercedes McLaren SLR-Based Hamann Volcano Unveiled In Video

We recently showed you first shots of Hamann's new hyperstyled Benz supercar, the Hamann Volcano, which basically consists of a heavily modified Mercedes McLaren SLR. All we know about at this point is the garishly modified body and we'll have to wait for the official announcement to find out if this beastie's bite matches its bark. We're betting this kind of tomfoolery doesn't come cheap and considering the premium Hamann will probably charge to make your SLR stand out from all the others at Costco, this seems like a silly proposition. We'd rather spend the money garage-building a Lamborghini Countach. [WorldCarFans]

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Rob Emslie

Who knew you could up the douchebaggery quotient so much? I mean, drive this and you'll make SLR dude look like Elie Wiesel.