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Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake: Enter The Wagon

Illustration for article titled Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake: Enter The Wagon

The Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake Concept (we don't care if Mercedes of China fucking mis-translates "brake" as "break," we don't regurgitate inaccurate marketing) previews styling of the next CLS and provides a sneak peak at at the upcoming CLS wagon.


In January we found out Mercedes had green lighted a wagon based on the 2012 Mercedes CLS, but had no idea what it would look like. Cut some of the concept car bling out of this concept and you should be most of the way to guessing what the 2012 Mercedes CLS Wagon will look like if, as reports suggest, it's unveiled at the Paris Motor Show next September.


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Jonathan Harper

CLS AMG wagon?


Thank you.