Mercedes-Benz's Forgotten Gullwing Gets a Doppelganger

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Mercedes rocked the concept-car world with the Wankel-powered C111 back in 1970. Now, GWA's reviving the sadly neglected "second gullwing" Merc's shape with a one-off prototype called the Ciento Once. And once it's done, maybe you can buy it.

Under the handmade aluminum body will be a tubular space-frame chassis. For power, it won't have the 1970 C111 prototype's four-rotor Wankel—or later straight-five turbodiesel—instead it'll have a 408-hp M120 Mercedes V12, which will be visible from a glass rear deck. Transaxle-wise, they're going with a six-speed Cima H, like Pagani and Koenigsegg.

Dimensionally, the Ciento Once ("111" in Spanish) diverges from the C111 a bit, with a shorter wheelbase and a modern suspension with adjustable coil-overs and the brakes from an S55 AMG. For aero, the Ciento Once will get an electric-operated adjustable wing and a diffuser in the rear, and spoiler with a large cooling intake at the front. Wheel fittings are be SLS-style staggered setup, with 19" GWA Type As in the front and 20" in the back, with 265/35/19 and 295/30/20 rubber.


Plaid-clad carbon fiber seats, dominate an interior modeled after an old-school "Ponton" Mercedes W120R, including the radio and the a/c controls, with brushed aluminum pedals and dashboard accents, and, of course, illuminated door sills.

Considering it's a labor of love by GWA boss Arturo Alonso, the Ciento Once won't be cheap, if it goes on the block at all. But like anything else, if enough billionaires line up at his door, you might start seeing these at your local java and jalopies, or whatever it's called.

[via Top Speed]

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I'm not a big fan of gullwing doors, but I kinda like it.