Men More Likely to Relate to Their Cars, Study Says

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A UK study entitled " The Secret Life Of Cars And What They Reveal About Us" claims that men are far more likely to view their vehicle as an extension of their own being than women do, and thus are generally more irked or threatened by damage to their autos. Men also tend to adopt a more relaxed posture behind the wheel, often driving one-handed. It also notes that people are four times more likely to sing on the way to work than they are on the way home. We prefer to sing along to the original Broadway cast recording of Oklahoma!, okay? [The Electric New Paper]


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Men are more likely to be into cars than women?

You must be joking!

WOW!! Thats a real breakthrough finding that actually peers into the deepest, darkest, most hidden corners of the human psyche.

I wonder if anyone over at Jezebel has any thoughts on this?


We did that last week.

Never mind.

I wanna know why my girlfriend has 28 pairs of shoes and only two feet.