Mehta Says Meh: The Truth About the Buick Lucerne CXS

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Honestly, while we were at this year's North American International Auto Show, we would see Lucernes as part of GM's hospitality fleet while out catching frostbite and giving ourselves cancer (stupid cigarettes) and mostly just thought, "Wow, what a Passat-like rump." And then, while up in Sacto for Easter, again outside giving ourselves cancer, we spent some time walking around a family friend's recently purchased Lucerne and thought, "What the hell have they done to the brand which provided our friend Peet with his '72 Electra Land Yacht that looked so bitchen with an Obituary sticker on the bumper? The brand the provided us with what our ridiculously pretty friend Sarah called, 'Dave's Fresh Riiiiiide?' We swear, portholes or no, Buick's brand DNA, much like Luca Brasi, sleeps with the fishes." TTAC's Sajeev Mehta agrees.


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