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Meet The Million-Mile Porsche 356 Daily DriverPetrolicious

How many Porsches do you see with 1,000,000 miles on them? None is the correct answer. Well, here's one.

It’s safe to say almost every car enthusiast would be happier if they could drive their classics every day. Unfortunately, the term “daily driver” is tinged with the feeling of compromise for too many of us.

Not so for Guy Newmark of San Pedro, California. Guy lives that gearhead dream of having his classics and driving them too-his 1964 Porsche 356C has been a daily driver for over forty years. His father bought the car from the dealership a month after its release, and it’s been in his family ever since.

Cars of Future Past: Mazda CosmoHemmings

I'm a sucker for these Mazdas. Rotary power and seriously futuristic looks really get me going each time.

Calling its new car the Cosmo, Mazda forever cemented its reputation as a manufacturer of cars for those eschewing the shortest route between two points in favor of the most entertaining.

Driven On Sundays, But Never In The Heat Of CompetitionThe New York Times

It seems that while NASCAR drivers go fast on the weekends, they prefer something a little more classic and relaxed on the weekend. Or, in Denny Hamlin's case, something with a decent amount of bling.

Nascar drivers aren’t driven by speed alone. They’re car people, too. With his spur-of-the-moment purchase, Hamlin joined a select group of current drivers who also own classic cars.

The Heartbeat Of America: 1990 Chevrolet Lumina Euro 3.1 CoupeHooniverse

A Lumina! In Finland! Why am I so excited about this?!

In some respects, Finland is kind of like a small America. In other respects, it’s the polar opposite. Even if we have a deep affection for American cars, the model portfolios do not make it here complete. We got the Corsica, we got the Beretta, we even got the Trans Sport with a bowtie badge. But the first generation Lumina is a unicorn on our roads.