Meet The Japanese 240SX Tuner Who Wants To Copy American Style

For decades, the import tuner scene in America was dominated by three magic letters: JDM. If you wanted a hot Japanese car, you wanted JDM parts, JDM engines, JDM style. Along the way we Americans developed our own aesthetic, and now, in a strange twist, it seems the Japanese are beginning to copy us.

In this great recent video from our pals at XCAR, we meet Masayoshi Nagano. He runs Nagano Koubou, a shop that fixes up crashed and damaged cars. And in his spare time, as a fan of American culture, he's focused on tuning cars in the "USDM" style.


For example, his Nissan Silvia has been tweaked to make an imitation American Nissan 240SX. It's matte pink, covered in English stickers, and has big chrome deep dish stanced wheels. And of course, it has big fuzzy dice in the mirror.

All in all, it's an interesting lesson in how different cultures intersect and interplay with one another, and... okay, forget the amateur anthropology. It's a cool car and I'd love to see more Japanese takes on American style.

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