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Meet The Guy Who's Owned More Than 250 Datsun 510s

Illustration for article titled Meet The Guy Whos Owned More Than 250 Datsun 510s

Anybody can drive a Chevy SS, but have you ever heard of the JDM Nissan Bluebird SSS? That’s right. More S in Petrolicious latest.


Troy Ermish is a fortunate guy. He fell in love with the lightweight Datsun 510 back in the 1980s, raced a few of them, then went on buying up as many as he could when prices were still low in order to be able to supply parts for fellow enthusiast and restore cars from the ground up to make some decent money.

He worked on famous race cars as well, including Bob Sharp’s, Rob Dyson’s first racer and the winningest SCCA national car as well.


Today, his daily-driver is a rare Bluebird SSS with the 1.6 engine. It’s light, it’s loud and it’s as perfect as a 510 ever gets to be.

Dear Nissan, the GT-R is nice, but it might be time for something simple again.

Photo credit: Petrolucious

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Ash78, voting early and often

Awesome. To this day, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Datsun sports coupe outside of a car show. Virtually all of the 70s-80s Japanese sports cars (save for the Z) seem to have missed most of the eastern US. I assume they must all be sitting in California, avoiding the rain and salt. Really cool cars.