In 2010, famed rally driver Tommi Makinen set a record for fastest run around the Nürburgring in a Subaru Impreza, lapping the track in 7 minutes and 55 seconds in a WRX STI Spec C. A few weeks ago, a group of British tuners set out to see if they could beat that record.

Lo and behold, the guys at Revolution Motorshire pulled it off at the end of April with a custom-built widebody two-door WRX STI putting out 508 horsepower. This latest video of XCAR chronicles the story behind the 'Rex's construction, which Revolution did to celebrate 16 years of being in business. They did it in 7 minutes and 53 seconds.

Here's a video of the actual 'Ring run itself. The UK's Evo also has a great story on the run, which was done by driving instructor and 10,000-lap 'Ring veteran Fredy Lienhard. So yeah, he knew what he was doing.

My favorite part is that this record breaking car was driven to the track by the tuners from England and then driven home when it was done. Not trailered, driven.

But why should that surprise anyone? It is a Subaru, after all. They probably stopped to pick up some groceries on the way back.