Anyone familiar with 50s-era Southern California customizers knows about the Valley Custom Shop in Burbank. Its founder, Neil Emory, wasn't into the chopped and dropped customs of the time, instead focusing on streamlined rides that came off as a complete reimagining of their humble origins. Over 60 years later, his grandson is still at it.


Petrolicious caught up with Rod Emory to tell the story of his father and grandfather's decades-long history in customization. But the turning point was when Neil joined the Orange County Chick Iverson Porsche/Volkswagen team in 1962. That move would cement the Emory name into the history books with what their friends dubbed "outlaw" 356s, because they were shunned by the Porsche crowd and forced to park outside during events.

As always with Petrolicious, it's a great watch with some truly remarkable rides, and a look back into both the speed and the craftsmanship that goes into creating some of the most iconic Porsches in North American history.

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