Meet The Cat That Was Trapped In A BMW Engine Bay For Two Weeks

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It's been a rough May for Princess the cat. Until she was rescued last week, the feline spent two straight weeks trapped in the engine bay of her owner's BMW. She doesn't look like she enjoyed the experience much, either.

The UK's Express reports that Princess went missing around May 7, as cats tend to do. What her owner Julie Tansley didn't know is that Princess somehow got herself lodged in the engine bay of her unnamed BMW convertible. Julie drove hundreds of miles and even went through a car wash with Princess stuck in the motor.

Julie didn't figure out that Princess was in the car until the kitty clawed through a coolant hose, which triggered a warning light on the dash. (Hey mechanic Jalops, what's the diagnostic code for "There's a cat in your engine?")


So when Julie and her partner lifted the hood, they found Princess stuck inside. A mechanic helped them remove the front headlamp and they were able to free the cat, who, real talk, looks extremely traumatized.

Another report says that after two weeks in the car, Princess now prefers to be called Princess Gran Coupe, only takes naps while laying across three handicapped parking spaces and has her meows piped in by a computer.


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