Mike Burroughs had an BMW closer to a parts bin than a drivable car. After four weeks of chopping and customizing, Rusty Slammington was born: A Supra-powered street rod that can fit under a semi trailer.

Burroughs, one of the principals at StanceWorks, said the transformation of his E28 Bimmer took about a month of nearly non-stop modifications, starting with a five-inch chop off the roofline. The wheels are 24k gold-plated Ronal Racing splits; the suspension has been lowered four inches through a mess of changes, and the body was rubbed in used diesel oil to blacken the rust.


Nothing on the vehicle was left untouched, from the junkyard-fabulous interior to the engine bay and custom-made driveshaft. In place of the 500,000-mile BMW engine, Burroughs swapped in a Toyota 1JZ-GTE six-cylinder turbo. "I wanted to do something a bit out of the ordinary," he told Jalopnik. "I thought about traditional inter-BMW swaps but decided I'd take a step out of the norm and go with something tried and true, yet unexpected."

Rusty typically rides about a half-inch off the ground when driving, letting the frame rails produce the occasional street fireworks:


While slammed rides aren't everyone's quart of used oil, Rusty has proven popular enough to garner a few hundred friends at his own Facebook page.

(H/T to Andrew!) [Stanceworks]