Meet Russia's New Extreme Off-Road Work Truck: The 2015 GAZ Ural Next

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Russian industrial outfit the GAZ Group would like you to meet the Ural Next line of heavy duty work rigs, about to hit the trail with a fierce hankering for trees and Unimogs.

Here’s a quick clip of the truck in action. I won’t lie, the tree-crushing is obviously the best part but you don’t need to speak Russian to appreciate this thing’s beastly beauty.

Introduced at the 2015 Construction Equipment and Technologies expo in Moscow earlier this month, the Ural Next offers improved ergonomics, a more user-friendly human-machine-interface, and plenty of cab and body configurations.


More interestingly, front axle load capacity is moving up from 5.3 to 6.5 tons and payload max is up to 13 tons. That pushes the truck’s total gross weight to 22.5 tons, with the drivetrain capable of moving 38 tons all up when a trailer’s involved.

GAZ says the Ural Next’s transfer case has been bolstered to allow for a 1.4x torque increase while fuel consumption drops by 8%. The truck is powered by a YaMZ-536 diesel engine available in 240, 285 and 312 horsepower levels of tune. Other sources say that engine kicks out around 900 lb-ft of torque too.

Buyers can pick between a YaMZ or ZF manual transmission.


Ural Next has new frame reinforcements, upgraded axles, and a new propeller shaft design the company claims “allows you to double the transmitted torque and significantly extend the life of the driveline.”

Steering, pneumatic transfer box, and parking brake have supposedly been made easier to use. Middle and rear locking differentials complement the truck’s substantial ground clearance for off-road driving.



Images via GAZ Group. Hat tip to Creative Accidents!

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