Meerkats Really Like The E34 BMW 5-Series

A while back, BMW featured Sabine Schmitz on its "Unscripted" web video series. This week, it's South Africa's own Grant Mc Ilrath, A.K.A "The Meerkat Man." His Nürburgring lap time might be subpar, but those meerkats sure love his Bimmer.


Mc Ilrath, who represents Africa in BMW's series, heads up The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project. The adorable little guys' name comes from "meer," meaning "more" and "kat," meaning... c'mon, seriously? In German, these "more cats" are called "erdmännchen," or "little earth men," which proves Germans are indeed aliens.

Nonetheless, Mc Ilrath asserts that the eerie little rodents wouldn't be so quick to gather among his rotund presence if he'd arrived in anything but his fully sniffed and scent-marked E34 BMW 5-Series. "The animals have become so accustomed to these that it would take me many, many years if I had to introduce a different vehicle," Mc Ilrath says. When the cameras were off, Mc Ilrath added, "Now if only those buggering windgats would kick in a few Rand for the six water pumps I've put in this thing in 20 years."


[via Bimmerpost]

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I am still not going to buy a BMW, but the meerkat is an adorable little critter, not to be confused with a mere cat.