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Kate Middleton's younger, arguably cuter sister Pippa was biking across America with brother James and some other cyclists when their Land Rover LR4 support vehicle predictably (zing) crapped out, giving West Virginia Land Rover mechanics an opportunity to live out the ultimate Bruce Springsteen/I'm On Fire fantasy.

"We did rescue a damsel in distress, I think that qualifies [for knighthood]" Roger Carte, general manager of fixed operations at Smith Company Motor Cars jokingly told the Charleston Daily Mail.

The local West Virginia paper wasn't sure what was wrong with the Rover, suffice it to say it could have been anything (amirite? Ok I'll stop.) but they did report "one of the associates in Charleston went home and got his personal bike rack out of his garage so that the Race Across America could continue without delay."

Uh, yeah, you'd drive across the state to lend her your bike rack too.


Naturally, dealership owner Jed Smith took the opportunity to sneeze out a sales pitch; "Quite frankly whether it's the royal family of the (United Kingdom) or a client traveling through our area, they're all royal and we try to treat every client as if they're royalty."


Actually, he needs all the attention he can get... Land Rovers might as well be myths in most states that don't border the ocean.


Hat tip to Bill! Images from Land Rover and AP.