According to TheEastBayKid, 16 out of 54 cars have been knocked out of the race by ain't-coming-back-nohow mechanical problems ranging from thrown rods to garbooned suspensions to fires… oh, wait, another message just came in: two more dead cars just dragged off the track. Perhaps the lemonicide results from the lack of the all-night wrenchathon the crews at other LeMons races get (what, you think anyone sleeps between racing sessions?), but we'll have to speculate on that some other time. That's because we've got the new Top Three list for you; the current leader is the #2 Sofa King Supra with its weight-saving custom roof.

Right behind the Supra is the #95 SharT Attack Racing BMW.

In third place, we have the #5 Junk Player Special VW.