An Australian doctor's Lamborghini Gallardo was impounded for 28 days, despite the fact that his mechanic was the one caught driving at well over 100 MPH. We think Mr. Badwrench is getting fired.

"We try to be fair, without favours, so whether it's a Lamborghini or whether its a Kingswood or a Holden Commodore, we judge it fair, case by case," said a police spokesperson.

The doctor is protesting the impoundment, arguing, "I have basically been subjected to mandatory sentencing without trial."

In Western Australia, any car caught exceeding the limit by more than 37 MPH can be impounded, even if the person caught speeding isn't the car's owner. This is known as the "Anti-Hoon Law" or the "You Better Trust Your Mechanic Law." (Hat tip to Joel!)

The police suggest the doctor takes his grievance up with the mechanic. []