Mean Mopar Streets: Harvey Keitel Versus David Proval!

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We honored Harvey Keitel's Mean Streets ride in the Murilee's Movie Car Hall Of Fame, and there's no better way to start winding down Crash Week than to show that car getting violently destroyed, gangland-style!


We see Keitel behind the wheel of a '72 Imperial LeBaron and Proval piloting a '72 Dodge Coronet sedan… and the streets of Brooklyn don't have room for both cars!
Spoiler Alert! Don't watch this scene if you haven't already seen Mean Streets all the way through; it would be a shame to give away the ending of this all-time great Scorcese film to those who haven't yet experienced it.

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I found it funny that you put "spoiler alert" for a 35 year old movie. Then I thought "hey wait, I like Scorsese movies and I haven't seen this." So instead of clicking play I'm moving on over to my Netflix queue.