McLaren's Vintage Formula 1 Livery Works Too Well On The 570S

McLaren just fixed the clown-faced 570S with its vintage 1966 Formula 1 racing livery.

If I stare at the nose of the McLaren 570S for too long I start thinking of the Joker, or hammerhead sharks, or my dog when it’s panting because it’s too hot outside. It’s not bad (my dog is cute, too) but it doesn’t look natural and it doesn’t mean it can’t be made better.


And McLaren has made it better with the 50th anniversary special edition 570S Coupe with the livery pulled from the company’s 1966 M2B Formula 1 racing car. The pure white scheme with a British Racing Green stripe filling the nose and flowing down the spine of the car with a silver highlight is simply beautiful.

You can read the detailed history of the M2B racecar, like how it scored in the top six at both the British and U.S. GP in 1966 and went on to win the 1968 Belgian GP, on McLaren’s website.


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