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McLaren Sports Series: This Is Part Of It

Illustration for article titled McLaren Sports Series: This Is Part Of It

Just a day after McLaren announced their new "entry-level" sports car would bear the somewhat bizarre name "Sports Series," they dropped a photo of it on the world. Here it is. Part of it, anyway.


This photo came from McLaren's official Twitter account about an hour ago, and it shows what looks like a heavily disguised test car. Other than that, we have no new details on this car.


Based on the photo evidence, I would guess it has at least two tires, headlamps, door mirrors, a windshield and some sort of interior, though that could change on the way to production.

Curiously, McLaren tweeted it with the hashtags #P13 and #McLarenP13, which is either mad tight social media practices or it means the P13 name isn't dead quite yet. We'll find out.

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