McLaren Automotive released a new video claiming they ran the Nürburgring's Nordschleife in a lap time of 7:28 in the MP4-12C with Sport Auto executive editor Horst von Saurma at the wheel. It's not an official manufacturer ring run, so naturally it raises some questions, especially for those who don't know Horst von Saurma from Maria von Trapp.


The new Macca's time makes it five seconds quicker than Auto Bild's Ferrari 458 Italia run (7:32.92) but four seconds slower than Sport Auto's own Porsche GT2 RS run. Are we confused yet?


Best to take this entire exercise with a German magazine-sized grain of salt, or like pinball machines, for entertainment purposes only. To many, von Saurma's lap times are the best independent representation of a car's capabilities on the 'Ring. Still, it's interesting to note that von Saurma's fastest recorded lap in the Ferrari 458 was 7:38 — 10 seconds slower than the McLaren. Does that mean the conditions were less ideal? Perhaps.

Then again, Sport Auto was the first magazine to keep track of ring times, using von Saurma as a constant. These days, many manufacturers perform their own laps and release their own videos. Naturally, it's easier to get the conditions right when you're paying for a big block of test time.

Either way, we now have a number for the McLaren. Let the arguments commence.

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