McLaren Might Build A Pants Shittingly Quick Track P1 For Insane People

The McLaren P1 is not what you'd call a slow car. But there's always room to go faster, and it sounds like McLaren might take a page from the Ferrari playbook with the introduction of a track only P1. Initiate ludicrous speed.

News of the special P1 for lunatics comes from Top Gear, who say they have it on authority from an insider that the track devouring mega ultra car will be built after the initial 375 unit production run of the P1 and be kept to the low double-digits.


Of course, "low double-digits" means anything from 10 to 99, depending on how you define "low."

This insane asylum P1 will reportedly have more power, torque, and body. So that means everything will be more, from the internal combustion engine to the electric motors to the addition of more aero grip. I'd also imagine the tires will be stickier than Gorilla Glue.

It most likely will be like the Zonda R, a racing car without a place to race it. Instead, there will be McLaren track events and driver training, something that a rear drive 1,000 horsepower machine would really necessitate.

Look for it to be driven exclusively by people who consider formal wear to be a tuxedo t-shirt under a straitjacket.

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