McLaren Is Working on a Driver Focused Ferrari SP2 Competitor Without a Top: Report

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McLaren is reportedly already working on an open-cockpit speedster hypercar follow up to the focused Senna, topping the range and filling another slot in the brand’s Ultimate Series, according to Autocar. Similar to Ferrari’s recent Monza SP1 and SP2 speedster models, the new McLaren will simply not have a roof in deference to pure driving enjoyment and in promotion of a lightweight ethos.


Allegedly this new car will depart from McLaren’s track-focused ambitions with the Senna. Lap times are less important than having fun. McLaren has not traditionally built a reputation for whimsy and half-measures, so I’m sure the car will still be fast and throw down quick lap times. The company’s tech-forward performance traits will remain, which seems slightly incongruous with driver enjoyment to me.

According to Autocar’s source, the new hypercar will still feature the company’s signature dihedral doors, but will be more aesthetically organic and flowing than other recent models, and the interior will similarly follow. This is good news, as McLarens have not been traditionally beautiful since, well, ever.

Further rumors indicate that the car will make use of a 4-liter turbocharged V8 [surprise surprise] powering the rear wheels and probably making some number less horsepower than the Senna’s 789. It is said to not be a hybrid, as the upcoming Speedtail is. And allegedly this thing will weigh less than the Senna’s 2641 pounds.

While all seems relatively speculative at this point, this upcoming topless McLaren is tipped to be shown off sometime after Senna production ends later this year, reaching customers likely in 2021. The car’s price will definitely be in the 7-figures, and the current going rumor is around $1.9 million.


While McLaren declined to comment on the rumor to Autocar, a spokesperson for the company confirmed to The Drive that McLaren is “speaking to potential customers about a new McLaren Ultimate Series model that shares some attributes with the car that Autocar describes.”


Cars with tops are way overrated, and more sports cars should be built without them. The same goes for windshields. Who needs em?

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Um, did you actually say McLarens have never been good looking?