McLaren Is Going To Take Its Entire Lineup To Hybrid Town

Right now the McLaren P1 is simultaneously the pinnacle of hybrid technology, the ultimate car in the McLaren lineup, and the only hybrid McLaren makes. But apparently it's just the start. McLaren wants every car to go hybrid.

In a conversation with Mike Flewitt, McLaren Automotive's president, Edmunds learned that the brand wants to extend its position in the hybrid supercar space, which is really only occupied by McLaren, Ferrari, Porsche, and now BMW with the i8.


Flewitt is quoted as saying that all future models will be hybrids, but some may be "basic hybrids." So, as you'd expect, the level of tech will vary based on price, engine output, and intent.

What Flewitt didn't say is if hybridization will be a part of the P13, McLaren's upcoming 911 Turbo fighter. That will be yet another variant of the 650S, with similar construction and a detuned engine, plus more daily usability.

But if it's a hybrid like the P1 is a hybrid, I really don't think there's any reason to worry.

Photo Credit: GF Williams

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