Mazdaspeed MX-5 A No-Go

Autoblog reported this weekend Mazda's put the kibosh on rumors of a Mazdaspeed version of the MX-5. Speculation was rampant the turbo 2.3-liter Mazdaspeed3 engine would end up under the hood of the MX-5, but apparently the fuel pump design makes the swap from transverse to longitudinal mounting prohibitively expensive. So what's a forced-induction fan with an MX-5 to do?


How about give the aftermarket a few months and work on paying down those credit card balances. Mazdaspeed can supply a full array of suspension and engine upgrades, while Cosworth has their supercharger — said to provide 210 HP to the rear wheels — on the test bench as we type. Additionally, Flyin' Miata claims they'll have a centrifugal blower ready for action soon, hopefully by the holidays. [Mazda via Autoblog]

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