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What happens when you take the already devilish Mazdaspeed3 (better known as the Mazda3 MPS there) and throw it into the challenging Targa Tasmania? Madness. The folks at Mazda Motorsport are bringing their hot hatch to the 2008 race to compete with the hot pink Nissan GT-R. Unlike other rallies, this race features cars that are mostly stock and include all of the electric systems and upholstery that came with the original car. We imagine this makes it a bit more comfortable for Alister McRae and his co-driver.


This will be the eighth race for Mazda and the second for the MPS rally car. The vehicle features the stock 2.3-Liter direct injection turbo fourbanger that's good for 255 horsepower, routed through a six-speed manual transmission. The race runs from April 15-20 and you should be able to follow the updates at Mazda Australia's Targa Site, if it updates. [Mazda via World Car Fans]

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