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The original Mazda6 was an especially fun, cheap and compact alternative to Japan's other beige mid-sizers. And then they ruined it with the second generation. Mazda appears to have learned from their mistake with the 2013 Mazda 6, which just debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show as the Takeri Concept.

Mazda's latest iteration of their "Kodo" design language — an attempt at sculpting the "soul of motion" — this new sedan recaptures the attractive and distinct lines that made us like the first car so much. it will be built on the company's new modular steel platform, which should cut some of the model bloat.


Ray thinks it looks like a Jaguar XF, I think it's a more successful version of what the Tesla Model S was hoping to accomplish. Either way it's high praise for a car that'll likely start in the lower $20K range... assuming enough of the concept design carries over.

Backing up the svelte aesthetic is the company's SkyActiv technolgy, which focuses on improved efficiency through higher compression gas and diesel engines, mated to manual or automatic transmissions.

It's still 18 months away from a full production version of this vehicle, but so far so good. Just bring back the five-door and wagon.

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