Mazda Says Screw You USA And Europe, Seeks 23% Increase In Global Sales

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I guess it must be yet another example of the overall cost of manufacturing in the US and European automotive markets when a company like Mazda's looking to boost global sales by a ginormous 23%, and not base those sales advances on expanding production in either of those markets. Of course, it could be because they didn't learn from that whole Cougar Ace thing. Or, you know, maybe FoMoCo's still of the belief you can't make stuff here in the US profitably. Sure, that makes sense, although some would believe it's because FoMoCo can't find a way to get lean enough. Of course you could turn it the other way and say that if ToMoCo-light can't get lean enough to build cars over here using lean manufacturing, maybe that whole "lean" thing may not be the only issue separating US and Nipponese automakers. But, whatevs, our head hurts, and there's still more to talk about. Specifically, sales growth isn't the only goal in what they're calling the "Mazda Advancement Plan." The specific MAP to the future in addition to sales growth, is below the jump.

* Achieve an operating profit of more than 200 billion yen, or $1.70 billion at current exchange rates;

* Achieve a consolidated return on sales of 6 percent; and

* Achieve a stable payout of dividends.

* Keep the mullet in North America.

Ok, so we added that last one, but whatevs, it's probably sorta kinda possibly true.


Mazda targets 23 percent boost in global sales (sub. req.) [Automotive News]

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