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If you've got an '02 Mazda Protege, is it enough to add turbocharging and nitrous? No? How about a lurid green-and-orange paint job? Sorry, but you need to have a truck bed on your turbocharged, nitrous-enhanced Protege before you've earned any bragging rights. Fortunately, such a vehicle is available right now on eBay Motors, with a Buy It Now price just under 20 grand. We figure this truckcar should be called a Protegechero rather than a Protegamino due to Mazda's long relationship with Ford, but we're willing to listen to arguments from the pro-Protegamino faction. Let's hope LeMons-winning Team Red Meat and Poontang takes the hint and adds a truck bed to their race car ASAP! [eBay Motors]


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