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If Mazda had only made the RX7 and Miata over the company’s entire lifetime, they would be revered as one of the greatest automakers of all time. Of course, we haven’t been able to buy an RX7 in America since the late 1990s. It’s sad.


But now, the company is saying that the car will be back for 2017. Or are they?

We’ve heard this a million times before. “The RX7 will be back in a few years time.” Mazda mentions it once then it disappears from the news.


This time, Mazda stated the car will be back in 2017, five years away. And people inside Mazda even said it was happening!

But it’s been said that a new RX7 would be here in 2011, which never happened, arrive in 2012, which didn’t happen, and 2013, which ain’t happenin.

So yeah, we doubt we’re actually getting one. Look out for a story in a year that pegs a new RX7 to be arriving in 2019.

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