Not to be outshone by the flood of Scions and Hondas crowding SEMA, Mazda brought a full range of toys, from cosmetically enhanced Mazda2s up to the time-attack Mazda3 sporting 500 hp from a 2.5-liter four banger.


The Japanese automaker's SEMA fleet also included a the MX-5 Super20, a race-upgraded Miata designed to mark the 20th anniversary of the original with a Cosworth-massaged engine good for 230 hp. While prepping the time-attack model, Mazda engineers also produced a more sedate Mazda3 turbo sedan that can spin 250 hp at the wheels, suggesting a task the MazdaSpeed division should tackle yesterday.

On the less compelling side of the ledger was the Mazda2 dubbed "Evil Attack," designed as a potential series racer. How could something so cute ever be evil? [Mazda]

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