Mazda CEO Says New Rotary Sports Car Totally Isn't Happening, So That Sucks

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Mazda CEO Masamichi Kogai put the kibosh on any sort of rotary sports car, hybrid-rotary sports car, or basically any sports car larger than the Miata in an interview, so, you know, that sucks.

The last time I wrote about the RX-9, it was some baseless claim that it was due for production by 2020. I’m so, so sorry. Really, so sorry.

Bad news, from Automotive News:

Could Mazda ever create an RX-8 sports car successor with a range extender?

I think that as a sports car option, the MX-5 1.5-liter or 2.0-liter conventional engine, with its power and acceleration, might be a more exhilarating experience.

No plans for a larger sports car entry?


Hold back your tears, it will be alright. He could be lying! Automakers never want to talk about future products. But at this point I think we need to detach ourselves from this on-again, off-again idea of a new rotary powered sports car.


Mazda just isn’t as big as the other companies out there, so to keep up with the rapid hybridization and electrification happening in every segment across the industry, Mazda probably doesn’t have the time, money or resources to devote to an RX-9.

That doesn’t bode well for the comeback of the production rotary engine, either. Mazda hasn’t given up yet, and is considering the rotary as a range-extender for its future hybrid models. This helps mitigate concerns with emissions mandates, and may lead to further development of the rotary in other applications.

Just.. not the magical unicorn rotary sports car you thought you’d be able to buy one day to escape all other earthly concerns in. You could always get a Miata.  

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As the owner of two Mazda’s and a lover of the brand all I have to say is fuck you Mazda. I’m so fucking sick of execs hyping up shit that never happens. No, the Miata isn’t enough on its own to represent Mazda in the sportscar world. Where is the speed 3, the speed 6, fuck even a speed Miata would satisfy me to some degree. Here’s an idea, if you have no intentions of building a performance coupe, don’t tug heart strings by making a sexy concept and hyping the fuck out of it and a new rotary engine. Use all that money and make a fucking speed something. I’d even be happy with a Speed 2 as a competitor to the fiesta ST.