Maybe You Won't Get Shot For Breaking Into This Detroit House

Remember that house on Detroit's west side where someone painted "I will shoot you!" if you were caught breaking into it? The sign is much friendlier now.

The other day I was coming in off I-96 on the Davison and passed by the house. I noticed that the cat eyes on the garage were gone and there were big brown blotches on the bottom of the door.


I took a closer look (from a safe distance — thanks, Droid phone camera zoom!) and saw that the "I will shoot you!" threat was replaced by a calmer "Stay Out, Thank U." The things we do for journalism around these parts, I tell you.

It seems that perhaps the offending sign-painter realized that shooting someone in a house that doesn't belong to you is illegal, as is the threat of doing so.


Either way, the next owner of the house — if there is one — now has the added cost of painting over what looks like a perfectly fine garage door.

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