Maybe Same-Sex Couples Won't Notice The Subaru Tribeca's Face!

Back before Subaru revised the Tribeca's grille for the '08 model year, but after their marketers realized that American car shoppers were backing away in horror from the crypto-SUV's face, they had what seemed like a great idea: see if they could convince urban gay Americans that the Tribeca would make them look hip! Edgy! Well, it didn't quite work out that way. Still, it's clear that Subaru blew off the focus groups' advice with the first-gen Tribeca's styling, and maybe we need more of that.


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Rob Emslie

Gay or straight, there's no way anybody would consider this quasi-mini van edgy. And, not to stereotype, but why would same-sex couples need a 7-seater? I mean, I know they can adopt, and the Vermont ladies can visit the sperm bank for some cream-of-some-young-guy, but come on, I don't see this category trying to overpopulate the world in some sort of gay conquest through greater numbers- "We're here! We're queer! And so are all our kids!"

Also, I think that gay men would find the flying vag front of the scoobie-doo subaru off-putting. The ladies may want to "scissor" it.