May This Near-Death Experience Teach You How Not To Pass A Truck

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

When a line of cars is zooming past a semi-truck on a busy two-lane road, please don't blindly follow them without reckoning how far away oncoming traffic is.

See it all from the dashcam of the rig being passed. Action just after 01:45.

In the defense of the poor bastard who cooked his tires trying to avoid being consumed by another oncoming semi, they surely didn't realize traffic in their own lane would slow down so abruptly right as he was about to switch back over. It looks like they just panicked and locked the brakes, luckily(ish) for them the oncoming trucker swerved enough to tear the side of the car off as opposed to munching it head-on.


Hat tip to Carscoops!

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