Illustration for article titled Maximum Minivan Day: All Hail The 25th Anniversary Of The Minivan!

It's not often an automaker has the opportunity to create an entirely new segment. Chrysler did it 25 years ago when they launched the Dodge Caravan. The engineers at Chrysler created a FWD-platformed vehicle offering wagon-like space, van-like utility and car-like fuel economy in a package fitting in the standard garage. Though the original designs go back as far as the 1970s, the leadership of design chief Hal Sperlich and the courage of CEO Lee Iacocca provided the energy to bring the final product to market. Though there are earlier models with similar characteristics, the minivan is, like Jazz, a uniquely American creation eventually co-opted by Europeans (and the Japanese, but our analogy fails us here). In order to celebrate 25th anniversary of the minivan, today shall be known as Maximum Minivan Day. Sound the alarm, take the kids out of school and hold on to your swiveling captain's chairs! Let the maximuming begin... [For more history of the minivan check out the Allpar history]

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