Maximum El Camino Day: We Celebrate The Pontiac G8 Sport Truck, Return Of The "El Camino"

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If you happened to be under a rock all weekend, you may have missed our official unveil of the Pontiac G8 sport truck (soon to be the Pontiac G8 El Camino - remember to get over and Vote El Camino!) for all the world to see. If you're a site regular, you know this is kind of a big deal. Given that, we decided one measly midnight post on a Saturday wouldn't cut it for a site like Jalopnik, so we're going nuts and declaring it Maximum El Camino Day today. We had so much fun with Maximum Wagon Day that this seemed like the only logical way to celebrate the greatest thing to ever happen to our world of car-truck-crazy enthusiasts. Stay tuned for the rest of the day for all manner of -camino, -chero, -ampage, or other suffix-style truck-car delights. Just follow along at the Maximum El Camino Day tag for all the fun before we see the official in-person reveal of the new 'merican-Mex hybrid later this week at the New York Auto Show.



The Stevenson

Just to let you 'Mericans know, us up in the great white north aren't able to vote for the name. So, there are a few names you are not allowed to call this vehicle out of respect for us.

1) Canyonero

2) Patriot (yes, I know Jeep owns this name, but derivatives of this are strictly prohibited)

3) Freedom (though, I am sure Ford owns this as part of their 'F you!' naming strategy).

4) Any names that can be connected in anyway to the military

5) Any and all words or combinations that appear in the Star Spangled Banner

Actually, I am going to make this easier. Just vote El Camino. We will be happy here and thank you for it by not sending you so much snow next year.