The General's Vice-Chairman, Bob Lutz, got down with the french elbow press this past week at the Paris Auto Show, and although yours truly was there hanging on each and every one of the multi-talented and multilingual product czar's every syllable (with emphasis all in the right place, we might add) tape recorder in hand, the boys over at the never-straight road caught it via camcorder, and put together a nice little vid of the man getting his parlez-tu on. They've also included yet another look at the non-caped crusading Bob and Silent Rick in all their frontal glory. We still maintain they're hotter from behind, but maybe that's just us. Still, other than the sheer weirdness of seeing the General's #2 man speaking in tongues, the funniest part of the entire video's got to be when CNBC's Phil LeBeau moves his mic (you'll see it near the end) towards the french journo asking the question...and then...despite the wine-swilling press-man's already finishing the question, he seemed unsure if he could yet bring it back over to Lutz. Standing next to him, I saw his wrist moving haltingly and yes, even limply, as he brought it back over for the man born from jets, sunglasses and two large Swiss parents, to complete his answer. High comedy, it's not โ€” but hey, for the Paris Auto Show, it was pretty damn hilarious.

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