Matt Damon Drives Audi A6 Off A NYC Parking Garage...Backwards

Apparently crashing a "Touareg 2" isn't the only bit of automotive hoonage from the upcoming new Jason Bourne movie. There's also this great clip of Film Actors Guild name-chanter Matt Damon, taking an Audi A6 off the roof of a NYC parking garage — and he does it all backward. You know, because doing it going forward is just too easy. Enjoy. [via 29MotoGuide]


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Why do action movies all suck these days? I absolutely despise the herky-jerky camera motion used to capture a ton of 3-second clips, then strewn together in a barely discernible sequence. Unfortunately, this seems to be the staple of all big budget action flicks these days. Just give me a fixed camera with no cut scenes so I can actually indulge in the hedonistic spectacle of cars, guns, and implicit danger. Please!

Wow, I feel better now.