Massive Canadian Pile-Up Crash Sends 100 People To The Hospital (Updated)

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A crash apparently involving 100 cars on Alberta, Canada's Queen Elizabeth II Highway this afternoon has sent more than 300 people to area hospitals, according to local news reports.


The crash occurred as heavy snow blinded drivers on the highway near Leduc, about 20 miles south of Edmonton, reports The Province, but the exact cause of the wreck remains unknown.

The newspaper reported that medical buses and multiple ambulances were sent to the scene. Fortunately, most of the motorists suffered only minor injuries, with four people sent to an Edmonton hospital with serious injuries. More photos of the wreck were tweeted from people on site and can be seen over at O.Canada.

The nasty snowstorm also shut down other highways in the area, one of which involved a jackknifed semi trailer, according to Guardian Express.


More updates on this as we receive them.

UPDATE 1: Officials at Alberta Health Services recently lowered the estimate of injured people from 300 to 100, which is very good news. Most of the injuries remain minor ones.

UPDATE 2: Check out another video of the wreck here.

Photo credit Sheila Gunn Reid on Twitter

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This is obviously horrible and I really do hope those affected are ok. But, that being said, everytime I see one of these huge, inclimate weather pile-ups (they're not that rare), I always have to ask, did it not occur to ANYONE to, you know... slow down?