Massa With The Hole Shot Takes An Early Lead At The British Grand Prix

Holy crap, there’s a race going on at the British Grand Prix! Felipe Massa nailed the start while the two Mercedes cars were slow off the line, allowing him to shoot out in front early.

Best of all, it’s been a race since the beginning. Bottas shot out around Rosberg early as well, making it four cars all battling for the front of the race.


This race is also showing that Williams cars have caught up to the Mercedes cars on pace. They’re right on each other’s tails still, with half the race down.

Who will win? If you’re not watching this race right now, you should be. Go go go turn on the TV now, go! There isn’t just a pair of dueling Mercedes teammates vying for the win for a change!

There could be hope for this season yet!

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Things I learned in the pre-show today: Christian Horner is married to Geri Halliwell ex of the spice girls and (less surprisingly)Williams test driver Susie Wolffe is married to Toto Wolffe of Mercedes F1