Maserati Recalls Australian Quattroportes

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If you're hooning it down a long straight in the outback, suddenly come to a corner at speed and realize that your traction control has quit the team, you might well be driving a Quattroporte! Apparently, a software glitch in the cars disables the system when the battery gets below a certain level. Maser's got a fix for it, and all you have to do is return your pricey Italian sports sedan to your nearest authorized Maserati store. In the meantime, steer clear from full-throttle kangaroo-evasion maneuvers. []

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@Retiree: I've evaded kangaroos before on dark stretches of outback highway, and to my experience, it involves more full-brake action than full-throttle. Of course, the '78 Corolla I was driving didn't have much throttle anyway, but brakes worked well enough.