At first glance, this one might seem like a no-brainer. Satanamino = more evil than any other car, right? But like dudes who sport No Fear stickers on the back of their jacked up trucks yest are actually afraid of everything (homosexuals, strong women, minorities, people from the next county, etc.), we think the Satanamino might be trying just a bit too hard. Now, this Lincoln... we're not sure what meth lab it crawled out of but we do know that the smurf-blue interior means its owner really don't care what other's think. This QOTD reminds us of an old Kurt Cobain interview where he says that once while at a bar in St. Louis he was having a beer, talking to a fan and keeping to himself. Suddenly, in stridese Axl Rose with 12 body guards. You tell us: who's the bigger rock star?

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