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Tired of texting their sexcapades to their fathers, teenagers have turned to combining photoshop skills, speed cameras and cruelty in order to raise havoc and punish their enemies (and frenemies).


Students at Montgomery High School in southern Maryland have apparently been reprinting copies of the license plates of people they don't like, attaching them to their own cars and driving past traffic cameras at high rates of speed. The result is a $40 fine sent to the hated peer or teacher.

It's a sign of just how smart traffic cameras are when teenagers with photo paper and a color printer can fool them. Teenagers are calling this the "Speed Camera Pimping Game" proving once and for all kids neither understand the wholesomeness of the games we played when we where children nor the true unwholesomeness of the life of actual whoring awaiting them on the other side of their juvenile delinquencies.


Hat tip to jpech!

[Ars Technica]

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