Maryland Bomb Sender Was Angry About Traffic Signs

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Two mail packages ignited in separate government buildings in Maryland yesterday, setting off an afternoon panic and a lockdown of state government mailrooms. And there's evidence to suggest highway signs inspired the act.

Both packages were addressed to Gov. Martin O'Malley, according to The Baltimore Sun, and a source told The Sun that the package mailed to the Jeffrey Building near the State House in Annapolis contained the following message.

Report suspicious activity. Total [expletive]. You have created your own self-fulfilling prophecy


O'Malley suggested that the message referred to highway signs asking people to report suspicious activity.

"So somebody doesn't like seeing those signs," he said.

Some Maryland commuters have apparently complained that drivers were slowing down to read the signs. "At O'Malley's request, the state studied the issue and removed the real-time postings from one congested area on the Capital Beltway," NBC News reports.

The packages caused no significant injuries. A mailroom employee at the Jeffrey Building in Annapolis singed his or her fingers, but later refused medical treatment. After being opened, both packages "ignited in a small puff of smoke and smelled of sulfur," according to The Sun.

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The more I find out about this, the more I keep finding myself shrugging and thinking "he's got a point..."

Traffic signs constantly stating "REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY" with a toll-free number - in a state where it's illegal to just pick up your cell phone and call while you're driving?

I've made fun of these signs for years. They were purchased using (cue the tea-bagger theme) MY TAX DOLLARS when I lived in MD, for the primary purpose of informing drivers of conditions ahead. Lane closure, construction, and of course those AMBER and SILVER alerts.

Then the DOT got hijacked by DHS, and we get "REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY." While I'm driving? What, if I see a red Toyota pickup with 20 middle-eastern males in the back, toting AK-47s, I should call your "tip line?"

Fuck off and take your Culture of Fear with you.