Porsche put its World Endurance Championship driver Mark Webber behind the wheel of a 911 GT3 Cup racecar with a Porsche-designed Blackberry phone to prove that even the best can’t text and drive without distraction.

In the video, everything is going great for Webber in his GT3 Cup, hauling ass around the circuit—until that mind-piercing *ping ping* penetrates his consciousness and he suddenly begins to swerve out of control and miss every apex - even launching his car airborne.

And for what? A message from Ann (Mobile) telling Mark her mother is going to arrive earlier than expected. IS THAT WORTH LOSING THE RACE FOR, ANN? MARK? No. And is it worth losing your life over, you, citizen?


No, it isn’t.

So don’t text and drive. It’s such a fucky thing to do. You’re not only risking your life, your risking the life of others tearfully trucking along to Adele’s “Hello” on the roadway with you.

The steering wheel isn’t a hands-free device.

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