Mark Webber Drove Final F1 Races With Broken Shoulder

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Red Bull Formula 1 driver Mark Webber has revealed he drove the final four races of the season with a broken shoulder he suffered mountain biking, and didn't tell his team boss about the injury.

In a book published in his native Australia, Webber says he was mountain-biking in October for the first time since another wreck two years ago when he went over the handlebars and suffered a "skier's fracture" of his right shoulder. Webber said he told his physiologist and the F1 medical officer about the injury, which was too small to treat directly, and took cortisone shots before the Suzaka and Korean races.

Despite the injury corresponding to the races where Webber lost the driver's points lead to eventual champion Sebastian Vettel, Webber does not blame the injury for his fall. Let's hope next season everything stays a little more zipped up. (Thanks WarShrike!) [BBC]


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He's the anti-Greg Oden.

*no one will get it*