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I’ve never been able to get into ASMR. Strangers whispering in my ear and making soft noises in a microphone just doesn’t do it for me. Turns out, I just wasn’t being exposed to the right stuff, because MotoGP rider Marc Marquez (and EDM artist Roger Wid) making music out of the sounds a Honda X-ADV can create is actually kind of incredible.

Check it out. It is surprisingly satisfying in that weird way ASMR can be:

Admittedly it does get real electronic there at the end, and the video encourages you to find the song titled “Level-7" on Spotify, but I dig it. I’m here for all the cool shit that people do with race car (and race bike) noises.


But, uh, Honda? Do you think you could go ahead and just release the touching-the-bike-and-making-noises soundboard for us? That would be great.

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